Scanning and Digitization

Low cost and high quality


Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format. In this format, information is organized into discrete units of data.

Document Scanning and Imaging Services

Scanning and Data Solutions provide an easy and fast way to store your files and documents electronically. This conversion of your files allows you to retrieve your files within seconds from your desktop and without having to re-file once you have finished with the information. Scanning and storing your files in an electronic format reduces storage costs and creates space for more productive use.

Benefits of Document Imaging

  • Fast Retrieval
  • Flexible Indexing
  • No Lost Files
  • Digital Archiving
  • Collaboration - Sharing File
  • Improved Security
  • Save Storage Space
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Instant Filing
  • Economical Sending of Documents
  • Internal Efficiency and Workflow
  • Web Access
  • Automation of Work Processes
  • Electronic Audit Trails
  • Heightened Employee Task Satisfaction
  • Instant access to any one of thousands or even millions of pages!

High Volume Scanning? Small Volume Scanning?

We have a wide variety of scanners and capabilities, we are happy to scan small volumes of documents as well as high volumes.

The Scanning Process

Our Document Scanning Service utilises sophisticated Document Scanners which provide exceptional image quality from documents that are often very low in contrast and in a poor condition.

Scanning Specification

The codification used in each minutes of meeting file name contain 10 digit file name first 8 digit will date of meeting (yyyymmdd) remaining will be sequence of the file name, for example file name will be 1982030201.pdf

Scanning and Digitization

Scanning Resolution

Generally we find that most document capture projects can be scanned at 200dpi (dots per inch), this keeps file sizes at a good level and provides good definition and clarity. Sometimes higher resolutions such as 400dpi can bring in unnecessary speckle, though sometimes small detail simply needs a high resolution to be captured. Once we understand the project that you have and the documents involved we can suggest a resolution that would be suitable.

Technical Requirements and Specifications

Typically around 20,000 sheets of A4 paper can be scanned and stored on a single 700Mb CD ROM, which generally equates to about 2 standard 4 drawer filing cabinets, scanned to one CD. DVDs contain about 7 times this volume, so about 140,000 documents can be scanned and stored on one DVD, which is about 14 filing cabinets!

<2>File Formats

We can create hundreds of different file formats for scanned images. However the most typical are PDF. JPEG, JPEG is also a colour format whereas most bulk file conversion projects will be monochrome. Indexing of Scanned Documents, Data Capture.

Once the scanning of documents is complete, they usually need to be indexed. The exact document scanning/indexing requirements will depend mainly on your needs.


The Scan and index information can be returned on CD/DVD and a software tool will be installed to Manage and retrieval of your documents.

Document Management Software and Document Retrieval Software

In instances when software is required to store and look after your scanning and indexing. This software will help you to search and retrieve the document in few seconds.

The Benefits

  • The files will be scanned & stored on PC or network
  • Manage millions of documents and retrieve the right one in seconds!
  • This will give you facility of Searching, Viewing, Printing as well as E-mailing documents of real files by pressing just few keys on the PC
  • Client will be able to see file on their desktop the same way as they see it in a real file i.e. page by page
  • Backup files and records for disaster recovery
  • No lost documents - it's virtually impossible to lose an electronic document.
  • Improved efficiency in the storage, retention and disposition of records.
  • Decreased storage costs.
  • On a network, multiple users can refer same file at the same time